Who we are

International Hospitality Management & Consulting Services is an entity created by Steve Grunwald a long-term professional in the hospitality industry.

With more than 20 years of experience as a general manager, developer, operator and owner, Steve has acquired an extensive experience and a know-how which will enable owners, investors, developers, managers and operators to analyze, improve and strengthen their ongoing operations.

He’s experiences over the years have led him to participate in various projects, such as brand new hotels constructions and openings from different categories and within different regions of the world including Belgium, USA, Germany and more, as well as to implement and collaborate with various international management and marketing brands such as Courtyard, Renaissance, Marriott, Hilton, Crown Plaza, Melia, World Hotels, Charming Hotels, Preferred Hotels to name only a few. Steve has extensive experience operating independently owned properties at different management levels, implementing marketing and distribution campaigns, working with international traveling partners.

Having worked as an independent business owner and well aware of cost effectiveness and competitiveness, he and his team will bring a unique and refreshing perspective to your business.

After many years in the field he has surrounded himself with experienced professionals and will make sure to involve the right people for the right objective to make it cost and time effective for your business.

Our services can vary from assisting you and your teams to develop, rebrand, reposition, restructure, strengthen, analyze, optimize, consolidate, and also assist investors in their upcoming openings. Our goal is to share our long-term experience to create the best possible success and opportunities for your business and to accompany property owners, managers & investors in their journey to success.


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